Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Music - A View from '82

'I hear music in my dreams, in water pipes, on the seashore, in the grass and trees, in the modulations of human voices, in motor engines, in birdsong and in factories.

I cannot escape it. My mind creates meaningful music out of nothing but random sounds.

Only on a black volcanic desert in Iceland was I able to escape this world of sound. The absolute silence was, in its tranquility, the most perfect piece of music I had ever heard; so peaceful to my ears, so clean and untainted by man, though one of my two companions found it eerie and unnerving.

Music emerges from a chaos of noise in every sense. A record has blemishes- it crackles, or you hear a faint background hiss from the tape. And at concerts the music emerges through the coughs and fidgeting of the audience.'

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