Friday, 17 August 2012

A Little Night Music

It was music I had in mind when I wrote this. But it's also about fear, loneliness, hope and perhaps redemption.

Wired to the centre,
You approach the house
With a certain feeling
Of apprehension.

Dark wings unfolding-
A face shines in the night,
A warm wind snags fretfully
When you open the door.

Elegant music:
A roomful of strangers,
A quartet of tantalising women
Who smile: skull-white roses.

One who approaches
With a glance that robs you
Of the right to be alone,
Thief of your withered soul.

Sound of the knife-edge,
Your emotions are keyed.
The accidentals are random;
A theme soars in anguish.

Wingspan of the milk-flecked sky,
You bank and wheel in the high winds.
Talons of gold, feathers of blood,
The stars that were never there before.

Bird of power and grace ascending,
Turn your face to this wan world;
Remember the dead ones,
And pity the living.

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